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CryptoOS is an operating system for mining

CryptoOS operating system allows users to automate the process of mining, effectively manage the equipment from anywhere in the world and receive detailed statistics using a cloud service

System administrators are not necessary

CryptoOS consists of an operating system and a cloud service that expands the functionality and allows you to manage large farms.



CryptoOS is the ideal OS for your mining devices, completely free and without hidden scripts.


Intelligent Auto Overclocking System

Guaranteed high performance;

Auto-regulation of the acceleration of equipment depending on the temperature indicators;


Friendly interface

Easy operation;

Control of full-featured toolbar;

Optimization of power without the extra cost of equipment resources.


Economic statistics

Profitability indicators;

Amount of currency extracted;

The cost of the electricity rate.



An operating system is based on Linux. It is installed directly on the mining device without restrictions on the number of equipment. Download, install, use.


Quick installation and setup

CryptoOS supports most of the popular video cards for mining. Installing firmware on one device does not exceed 15 minutes. The system is configured automatically. The parameters recommended by the system can be changed in the settings.


Safety system

CryptoOS reboots the device in case of hardware failures and critical errors. Using CryptoOS, your equipment is functioning efficiently in continuous mode.

Automatic overclocking system for video cards

CryptoOS is able to automatically accelerate video cards to maximum power, which greatly improves the performance of devices. When temperature characteristics are increasing, CryptoOS lowers the power of the device and reduces the parameters to the optimum.



Intuitive interface

Interaction with the operating system takes place through a web interface and does not require additional resources from the device for the work of the graphic design.

24-hour statistics and system logging

The device saves detailed statistics on all indicators for the last day. Logs about the state of the device are stored in its memory. Log files have an unlimited shelf life.

CPU Mining

In the process of mining, CryptoOS also uses the additional processor power, which increases overall performance and profitability. Especially it is important for the owners of large farms.


It is a tool for advanced users, allows you to manage the system without using a graphical interface. It gives you the opportunity to make sure that your equipment always works exclusively for you.

Try the free CryptoOS version

Cloud service

Cloud service

By subscription


Economic statistics

Visual indicators of profitability and economic efficiency. The amount of currency extracted and the cost of electricity rate on one summary figure.


Automatic update of all devices

When CryptoOS updates are released, the cloud service updates the firmware on all devices connected to the system.

Configure data access

It is the flexible configuration of the remote access for third-party users with optional functionality: from the «observer» mode to the provision of full control of the equipment.



Massive setting and manage rigs

Manage and configure all the equipment in your account.

Uploading summary reports

Generate and upload summary reports for any period.

Equipment faction

Create folders under farms and sort the equipment. Actual for owners of large capacity.

Notification system

Receive all important notifications via mail, SMS, and Telegram. Now you will know about an unplanned shutdown or sudden reboot of the equipment.

Try the free CryptoOS version

The coast

Easy Miner


Unlimited number of Operating Systems

5 rigs to cloud service

Community support

Unlimited statistics


Money Maker

$ 3.00 /per Rig

Бесплатно до наступления счастливого криптобудущего

All functions

More than 5 rigs to cloud service

Individual support

SMS and Telegram notifications